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At the core of the Marina, is a dock for vessels bound for the ocean, interspersed with modern shopping malls, restaurants, residential areas, and spots to take a scenic promenade and take photos of the ocean and city skyline. If you want to get out on the ocean, there are plenty of boats to rent or charter to take you out into the sea to grab some fresh seafood. You'll be able to prepare, cook, and eat it while out on the lake as well. At one side you'll have the mesmerizing Fairmont and Marina Villages, and on the other stands Emirates Palace , the southwest end of Abu Dhabi's Corniche, its royal exterior clashing with the dizzying heights of the glass-and-steel skyscrapers across the road. This is where you come for incredible city views, whether you're taking photos on the beach next to the heritage town or riding the elevator up 300 meters to Etihad Towers' observation deck. The Founder's Memorial is a more subtle site to visit at dark, when the lit-up 3D monument displays its ingenious workmanship against a backdrop of more neon-stripped high-rise vistas.


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