Pixel Reem Island, Al Reem Island

A place for Pixels

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Pixel. Pixel, the latest development within Makers District, is a mixed-use community that offers its residents and visitors a unique space. The completely pedestrianized central plaza is an open and green space, an environment that encourages Pixel's people to breathe free, socialize, and relax anytime of the day. With residential spaces all around, the plaza itself is a mixed-use area, complete with the finest artisanal dining, offering homegrown restaurants and cafes, as well as co-working spaces, offices, and shops. The focus of these amenities is entirely the people, the very pixels that make up the fabric of this highly engaging space.

Unit Types Studio - 3 Bedroom apartments
Property Types Apartments
Status Offplan

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4 Bedroom T6

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3 Bedroom T6

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2 Bedroom TU2

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2 Bedroom T5

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1 Bedroom T4

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2 Bedroom T6

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Studio TU1

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1 Bedroom T6

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Studio Suite T4

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1 Bedroom T5

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Studio T4






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